awesome stuff

Hello there the weirdo reading this..
Well I guess you want to know about me I suppose? Well lets get started
1.favorite superhero? BATMAN~

2.favorite video game? Well it really depends I mean I love skyrim,portal, batman games,pokemon,red dead redemption...LA noire..mario..

3.why are you here? I'm here because I was born

4.Favorite books? I love hunger games, Harry Potter,John Green,Triskellion,The Westing Game...and do comic books count? If they do then batman doctor who and star trek

5.favorite show? DOCTOR WHO,Torchwood,how I met your mother,star trek, batman (adam west),masterpiece mystery ,office,modern family,andsurvivor..

6. Favorite colors? blue green and grey!

7.Have you run out of questions? Yes,yes I have.